Who knows more: he who travels much or he who reads much? What about he who plays much?

Why we created?

Turkey’s EU expert Economic Development Foundation was in need of enhancing the communication of EU’s values, member nations’s cultural heritage and the historical contributions that member states have made to EU and the world at large. As games are a supreme tool for fun, nonthreatening and engaging way to teach and learn the Evropa game was conceived in service of the EDF’s vision. In a fun and engaging gameplay it would seek to educate players about EU’s place in the world, the 28 constituent countries, the historical contributions and without having to travel to all of these countries.

How we created?

This game was built in the image of a trivia game with some additional design components. It is composed of 350 cards with all the cultural information of 28 countries. As players move on the game board, they learn something new about the country and get to show off the information they have. At every new gameplay, EVROPA offers more fun, more knowledge and experience shared among players.