About Us

Root came to life with two primary projects, first being the autonomous ocean cleaning robot Eco-Dolphin and Eco-Mat that can serve as the intelligent recycling receptacle. Team members have consequently explored multi-disciplinary laboratories in the United States such as Stanford Design Institute only to return to Turkey with the idea an imagination lab, which was brought to life in Bilgi University to help the students from different backgrounds cross-fertilize skills, vision, and inspired thinking.

By 2014, team developed a new taste for boardgames very much affected by the learning, growth and socialization they enable and started to design and produce analogue games for companies. This board game bug has lasted since 2014 resulting in the creation and remake of 18 different games.

As Root; we focus on bringing solutions of the future to today’s challenges. We wish to appear in the world, with our designs and products to create positive effects for the future of all beings on earth.

A game is the fundamental way of understanding life, discovering and communicating with those in the environment.

We integrate game elements and mechanics into every aspect of life. We do this in a wide range from a game that embraces corporate culture to a workplace that contributes to the children’s ability to overcome their fears and transform their habits. We make the learning modules more efficient by playing games.

Education likes order, innovation disorder.

As Root, we provide strategic consultancy with workshops specifically designed and developed in order to meet the needs of the companies who like to go beyond the ordinary.

We are the explorers who travel through the infinity of the design.

We create value with our designs and touch lives.