We can transform both environment and ourselves by renewing our daily habits.

Why we created?:

Recycling is most useful when it turns into a habit on the part of the consumers, and the incentives are aligned with the consumers, collectors, recyclers and re-users. Eco-mat was aimed to both create a sleek user experience and to serve as the medium of a marketplace of used materials. We imagined Eco-Mat to offer a fun and streamlined tool for the creation of a market around recyclables to reinforce our habit of recycling.

How we created?:

It was clear the eco-mat needed to be fun to use for the consumer, easy to install and maintain for the sponsor, easy to price and control the quality for the buyers of the recycled materials. For the user friendly experience, its receptacle needed to be able to accommodate higher volumes of waste materials, be able to categorize input materials fast and calculate and disperse the rebates quickly and efficiently. The user facing side of the machine was equipped with a small computer screen and a qr readers. The qr reader was intended as an alternative form of identification. The eco-mat app on the consumers phone could display the identification qr code and the rebate of the recyclables would be remitted to the consumers wallet. The presence of the app would make it easier to carry out different CRM programs such as new announcements or user feedbacks.

For the formation of the effective marketplace the machine needed to generate a reliable degree of purity/separation of waste materials and the machine needed to collect, recognize, separate, compact and store waste materials in sync with recycling facilities’ standards.  The interior needed to be adjustable and modular for the different programs that may be underway in different municipalities and jurisdictions.The number of chambers, the volume of each chamber was left as a modular variable while equipping the machine with tools necessary to qualify materials based on their electromagnetic, optical and chemical properties.