Fit Yemeksepeti

You are what you eat

How and why we created?

There are enough excuses for modern people that make them jump into a healthy lifestyle: limited time, Daily routines,working conditions etc. However, because of the fact that a healthy lifestyle can give people energy and power that they naturally need, it should make all the excuses and limitations unimportant. However, there is a detail that make people confused: Being easily accessible of fast food.

ROOT believes that 70 percent of World population who live in cities can have a healthy and balanced lifestyle. For this aim, it designed a FitYemeksepeti project that enables people to access healthy food easily via Yemeksepeti. This project showed people who wanted to change their lifestyle that  it is very easy to access healthy food via Yemeksepeti.


Although accessing to the healthy food is seen mostly  as a luxury it was a big problem for those who have obesity,celiac,hypoglycaemia.

With the collaboration of Yemeksepeti and ROOT , we aimed to enable a interface for people where they can access to the healthy food that they want and thanks to all these ,we wanted to add a social responsibility part to the project.

FitYemeksepeti, for its users,

  • Organic food
  • Gluten free meals
  • Anti obesity products
  • Products that can be prefered for hypoglycaemia and heart dieases.
  • Calorie counting of the products
  • Suggestions for doing exercises
  • With menus that have organic farm products in addition to the order.
  • Via YemeksepetiFIT broadcasting platform, it can give suggestions about healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Contribution to the transformation

With the help of project, restaurants will be encouraged about adding gluten free meals, organic food, products for those who have obesity,hypoglycaemia and heart diseases and getting rid of the idea that eating healthy food depends on only eating ‘’salad’’

‘’Fast food’’ conception will get rid of the unhealthy food concern in calories and meals and it will find a place for itself in the category of eating healthy food.