Lonely Shoe

From the Atari period to our first computers to our first phones, there are some classic games that are included in every stage of our lives


Incredible, created by the inspiration from Sadberk Hanim Museum.


Learning financial literacy at a young age is the most important and correct investment in the life plan.


Everything we experience as a child forms the basis of our relationships with ourselves, the environment and other people in the future. These experiences guide us from the simplest decision-making moments to our vital choices.


We added new dynamics to the famous “Who knows better?” question.


Inspiration to create a product can be anything from what we see all around. Looking at the right place, looking from the right place, can remove a museum from four walls and make it a tutorial.

Shadow Tales

When we make fun of the fears in children's lives with a game and make it fun, we plant a beautiful seed for their adulthood.


How old can we start learning the concept of “corporate culture“ at the earliest?

ROOT Airlines

We made airplane trips enjoyable and instructive for children.


Why are the spaces that create the future and remove the boundaries of creativity important in our lives?


We contribute to the transformation of the future with the designs that make over nature.


Every vacation we take, every documentary we watch gives us glimpses to appreciate our relationship with environment with the joy and tranquility it can evoke in us.

Fit Yemeksepeti

Fast food concept will break free from caloric and unhealthy choices in meals and make a place in the healthy eating category.